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FREE Tax Organizer for Real Estate Agents

This tax organizer draws from Brett’s book, The Real-Estate Agent Tax-Cut Library, and Overnight Accountant’s Comprehensive Real-Estate Agent Tax-Cut Library. The latter is a video encyclopedia containing everything a Real Estate Agent needs to know to cut their most significant expense: TAXES. Brett Hersh, a tax professional here at Real Estate Tax Pro and Instructor for Overnight Accountant.

The Real Estate Agent Tax Organizer contains every deduction-line on Schedule C. It also includes a section for Auto Mileage and expenses, and a complete Home Office Section.

Best of all, our organizer contains links to detailed articles that will help you maximize your deductions and streamline the record-collection process. Each deduction line on Schedule C links to articles explaining what is and is not deductible. The tax organizer is not just a pdf file you can complete, save, and share with our staff, your tax professional; it’s a game-changing educational, tax-slicing tool. Like the Comprehensive Tax-Cut Library, this organizer will help you understand your taxes and minimize your tax liability. If you’re preparing your own tax return, it will also allow you to rest easy in the knowledge that you’ve correctly completed your Schedule C.

We could go on and on about the tax-cutting wonders of our organizer but you can just as quickly judge for yourself. It’s free and just a click away!

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